Friday, May 29, 2009

To tired to blog I will get caught up soon. Trout fishing is HOT

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Went Trout fishing (May 19) on the upper Manistee. Slid the drift boat in the river about a mile up river of the CCC bridge and fished down to Sharon rd. bridge (about an 8 hour float). It was a Sunny day and a high pressure weather system was well in place.

I love this stretch of river Lots of cover and under cuts for the Brown trout and Brook Trout.

Are intent was to strip streamer for for Big Brown Trout. We got on the river about Noon and there was a massive hatch going on lots of caddis and big drakes. So it appeared that a dry caddis might be in-order, and early on we got in to a couple of Brook Trout not of any size so no picture this early in the day. Turned out that it would be are only opportunity to get a photo of fish.
We ended up getting off the river before the Drakes fell at fish thirty. We did have some nice sunburns and a few Black fly bites, and good memory's of the day

Sunday, May 17, 2009

THis last week has been interesting with the rain and cooled weather. Had Steelhead in the Muskegon river to fish and getting Steelhead to the net all week. Then the rain came and theMuskegon River went on the rise. Friday I had famed chemist Dr. Darren Baker on the boat, he needed to land a Steelhead to add to his list of fish he has fished and landed Dr. Baker has fished all over the world and has landed 129 different species of fish. By now you have probably guessed what happen for Dr. Darren Baker, that's right he never got a Steelhead to the net. He got close but Steelhead after Steelhead something would happen a the Steelhead would not get to the net. The Mukegon river did rise for Friday and only Friday to 5800CFS and almost 8.5 level. Went right back out Sat. and the Muskegon river went right back down to 3000CFS and a level of 6.5 and the boats on the river reduced by half. And Scott and Karen Witter had their way with the Steelhead

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Steelhead & Trout

The weekend fished well Some nice Steelhead and Trout river level and visibility are very nice

Friday, May 8, 2009

IT Was A good week on the river If your name was Lisa and you were Steelhead fishing the Muskegon river with the River Rat Dog Guide Service. You would have gotten your first Steelhead and on a Fly rod

The Muskegon river was near flood stage today 6inches more would have put it there. The water was dirty and the fishing was sporadic, we did catch a good number of Steelhead Rainbow trout and Brown trout and you can find reports of guides having caught way to many Steelhead today. But these are the guides that sit in one spot all day 100 feet from the boat ramp, raking gravel spawning Steelhead.Thats not the way I like to fish and I don't believe that is what clients want. But if you like to fish in one place all day that you could walk to. I have the information you need to fish Spawning Steelhead. Good DayMAY 1, 2009 The Muskegon river was rocking today up to 6000 cfm from 4800 yesterday. The Steelhead were still on the bite along with the Rainbow and Brown Trout.April 30 2009 It was just one of those days you get now and then. Just went out fishing with a friend and it rained all day, the water level was high at 6.5 the water temp was at 52degrees. But hay the catching was phenomenal. We both have about 30 Steelhead on and landed 12 or 14 each.The fish were hot getting from on side of the river to the other in the air, out of the water it was unreal.I would like to go fishing with some one that clams to catch 100 Steelhead a day. I was at 30 and fished 8 hours and was busy all day.Of course I used a 7wt rod today and should have had a least an eight wt. Man those fish were crazy today.Water continues to run higher than normal fishing continues to be very good.Here it is the end of April and Steelhead fishing remains strong on the Muskegon river. The recent rains have the river level up and stained, but the Steelhead are taking Flys, and Fly fishing is what I have been doing the most the last ten days.I look for a New pod of Steelhead to enter the river in this high water. The Steelhead fishing should be available into June. Trout fishing has also been good we have fished a few afternoons, for Brown trout and rainbow trout taking dry flys.