Monday, June 8, 2009 517 651 2616 This week in fishing Michigan.

Fished the Saginaw Bay with friends and their boat. We did get a few Walleye before the boat motor stared to act up and forced us in.

We fished the Bay on Thursday and is was a calm day on the bay. I could not believe how many boats were out for a Thursday. We fished body baits and Spoons, many boats were fishing live bait.

We did manage a few Walleye

Friday I fished small mouth bass with John T. a beginning fly fisher. John did a fine job of casting getting the fly out to structure. We did manage a few fish I was disappointed in are return of fish.

The section of the Grand River we fished would normally yield 30 fish of more. We had not received any rain in 10 days yet the river clarity was low, I would have to attribute this to open farm fields.

Saturday and Sunday I was on the Muskegon river with Jim and Tom. Lots on hatches on the Muskegon. Gray Drakes. Sulfurs, Caddis and midges were all in the mix and lots of trout on the rise.

Jim And Tom were also first time fly fishing and two days of fishing and casting instructions paid off. Both casted much better Sunday and that was nice for me to see. We fished wet and dry flies, both brought fish to the net.

Monday, June 1, 2009 517 651 2616

UDATE fishing and rain

Getting some rain here today, Very wet spring. As I said earlier trout fishing has been very good with Gray drakes, Sulfurs, Trios and caddis hatches. This past week I have had two Trout trips with grate results. 20 inch Brown Trout and Rainbow just under 20.

Also fished Small mouth bass two days Lots of action on the Small mouth nothing over 3 pounds
One trip on fly and one casting both trip went well.

Also spent a couple of days on Saginaw Bay for walleyes Got some eyes and Cat fish. The wind kicked up and got so rough we had to come in.

Lake Michigan Salmon fishing has also been good Captain Dave Hasting on the Renegade has been Doing very well the past ten days out of Grand Haven.

This week will be more trout fishing and Small mouth. Will have to see how much rain we get.