Wednesday, August 26, 2009 517 651 2616

What a week for fishing Trout on drys and streamers, Fresh Hot Salmon and even a Pike or Two. Salmon fishing continues to improve. Trout are taking Steamers and dry flys.
We have dates available to take you out.

Monday, August 17, 2009 517 651 2616

The Muskegon river fished well this weekend. We even saw a few chinook Salmon.
We fished the river late in the afternoon until after dark. Are goal was to catch fish on dry flys.
When we were able to get a good presentation we were rewarded. The 12 to 14 inch trout did keep us busy. We were unable to land any big ones, and we did have some big ones on.
We had beautiful evening for fishing Ah summer.

Sunday, August 9, 2009 517651 2616
Wow I have been a little more than remiss blogging, a hole month! How the summer goes.
Salmon are in the rivers a usual for this time of year. i have had a couple of days of casting for these early Salmon with success.

Rivers are running cool due to cool summer nights. Some have said that the Salmon will run early this year, myself believe that it will be a normal run. July Trout fishing was better that normal although not all stellar days.

The Grand river was just clearing up and Small mouth fishing was much improved. Until the 2.5 inches on rain Saturday.
The Cohos are in the grand along with a few Steelhead. That's how cool the Grand has been. That how the rain fall has been this year 2 to 4 inches at a time.

A fresh run of Skamania have come up the St Joe Hurray. Great time of year to fish I have trips on the St. Joe for Skams coming up, Trips on the Muskegon for Trout this week and next week casting for Salmon on the Manistee. I will have to cancel the trip for Small Mouth on the Grand for today and Monday to muddy maybe will fish another river.

I have to get the camera out and up load some pictures. But right now I have to go fishing.